Some Common Myths about Manhood

Some guys might have told you that the real men are those with big body, huge organ and lion's heart.

This is not the case. Even small guys with small organ can perform better. What makes the real difference is penile erection. No matter how big you are, you are not going to impress your lady if you don't have erection down there during sex. So the real manliness is characterized by how hard get and how long you can perform in bed.

Myth: Guys Think about Sex Every Seven Seconds

As some studies reveal, guys think of sex every seven second. This is just myth without much truth in it. It all depends and vary from one person to another person. Some think more think about sex in hours, while some other keep thinking about sex every minute, every hour and every day.

Myth: 카마그라구매 Real Macho Males Don't Have Erection Problems

It is also not true, because there are many men with muscular and big bodies who experience erection problems. Erectile dysfunction is much more common than people think.It is estimated that over half of world's population experiences this problem, including young, old and strong adults.

Myth: Real Men Don't Get Depressed or Lose Confidence in Bed

Again, this is not true with every person. Depression is a disease that can catch up anyone.

Today, around 6 million people suffer from depression in the U.S. alone. It could be result of several things such as job difficulty or job loss, marriage difficulty, difficulties with their children, or financial difficulties. Clearly, all of these scenarios may affect every type of men. Losing confidence is also common with first-timers.

Those who make love for the first may lose confidence, no matter how big and strong they are.

Myth: Machos Have Marathon Sex that Lasts for Hours

Some people think that macho men make it for hours in bed, while it is not true.Nah. Surveys suggest that average sex lasts somewhere between 10 minutes, while a marathon sex should go beyond 30 minutes, which is rare for even men who are muscular and macho. So, correct yourself if think so.

Myth: Manly Men Are Bigger Bodies

Again, this is just a myth only, which has been making rounds for ages now.Bigger organ and bodies are not enough, if you don't achieve hard erection to perform better in bed. Women love guys who get harder and stay harder, not the guys with bigger penis size.

Myth: Kamagra is a problem to all sexual problems

When men suffer from sexual problems such as premature ejaculation, low libido and erectile dysfunction, they jump to some medications like kamagra.

They think that this medication works to cope up with every problem. Na. This is just an erectile dysfunction remedy that improves blood flow in the blood vessels and leads to harder and bigger erections, enabling men to perform well and satisfy their love lady in the bed.

This definitely give an abstraction in men due to the no or loose erection which leads todissatisfaction with their partner or loved one.

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